We have all been told repeatedly the best ways known to Healthcare Professionals on how to prevent contracting Covid 19. With the arrival of several vaccines there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

But what to do if you receive a Covid diagnosis? How do you take the best care to stay out of the hospital? Are there things we can do to help our bodies get through the virus?

I recently spoke with a nurse who has had lots of experience in this area.  Below are some tips that may help you get well quicker or at least keep you from getting sicker!

  • Take Vitamin D daily
  • Take a low dose aspirin daily (to prevent blood clots )
  • Eat lots of vitamin C rich fruits and drink juices
  • Get plenty of rest and fluids
  • Move around frequently and try to sit up instead of laying down constantly
  • Sleep on your side instead of your back (the idea is to keep fluid off your lungs)
  • Do these things for the duration of your symptoms

Hopefully you will have a mild case with few symptoms as some people do, but if you find yourself really under the weather these things may help!

There is also a new drug being tested akin to Tamiflu which is showing promising results. More trials are needed of course, but this could be a break through for treatment at home.

Covid 19 has surely been challenging and disrupted our life as we know it and many have sadly lost loved ones in the past year since the dawn of the Virus but maybe we are moving towards some better outcomes.