The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported hopeful statistics relating to the number of COVID-19 cases on a weekly basis…those numbers are going DOWN. FINALLY! In a recent weekly update, WHO stated that with 3.1 million new COVID cases, it’s still a 17% drop from the week before. In February there was four consecutive weeks where new cases have decreased. That’s progress!

Although we are not out of the dark yet, there are still plans to look forward to after COVID is officially a thing of the past. Take traveling, for instance! Where would you imagine yourself traveling to? Do you picture tropical breezes or scenic mountain tops? Let’s not forget that there is a HUGE world, patiently waiting to be explored. If you’re adventurous at heart and can’t wait, there’s still options that take into consideration social distancing and safe guidelines around COVID-19.

According to (source below), here’s some of the best places and sites to travel to right now and even after COVID-19.

  • The Gobi Desert, Mongolia: This is deemed one of the most thinly populated, beautiful, and safest places to visit. In fact, there was only 214 reported cases of COVID-19 in mid-2020. Their tours can vary from 6-12 days and has a 6-person maximum. Here, you won’t experience overcrowding and will get to experience the breath-taking views of the Gobi Desert and its vast landscapes.
  • The Galapagos Island, Ecuador: This island has only seen 78 confirmed cases of COVID-19. It’s located a fair distance of 926 km west from Ecuador, which has made it easier for the island to steady the virus. At Galapagos Island, you can surround yourself with amazing animals that are often seen on the island, like seals and sea turtles. You’ll also have the option of booking a boat trip around the island. Their policies limit 8-12 people and you won’t have to worry about being in crowded areas for the next week or so, depending on the number of days the boat trip is booked. So, social distancing won’t be a problem while you explore some of the most remote areas of the island!

With all the uncertainty in today’s world, one thing can be for certain – we have A LOT to look forward to. Whether that be hiking through the Himalayas or exploring other parts of the world. You decide when the time is right to travel and maybe cross a few items off your bucket list. Visit the links below for more information.