Alot of people take multiple medications. Are you taking the same or different types of medications? Are you seeing different physicians? If so this can lead to an increased risk of drug interactions. Drugs, supplements and food affect the way your body processes medication. The interactions can make a drug more powerful or even lessen the potency making it ineffective.

What are some of the drug interactions that take place; -Interactions with other drugs -Interactions with nutrients -interactions with your body.

TIPS on minimizing the risk of interactions 

1. Know what and why you are talking each medication.  Knowing how to pronounce your medication and knowing the reason for taking it can ease any mix up or potential interaction.
2. Know how to take the drug Can you take this on an empty stomach or do you need to eat food? Some medications are better with food to help with absorption or to prevent them from irritating the stomach lining. Others are not to be taken with specific foods due to interference with drug absorption.
3. Fill all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy To be able to keep a list of all medications taken you should use the same Pharmacy. When you see different physicians in different offices it can cause confusion unless you see the same Pharmacy. Or have a list of all medications your taking so you can share it with the Pharmacist.
4. Be suspicious of supplements  Supplements are less likely to show up in a FDA-approved database. Since there isn’t much evidence that supplements have health benefits, its best to avoid them unless your doctor prescribes them.
5. Go easy on grapefruit juice Grapefruit juice affects the metabolism of several drugs.
6. Limit alcohol Alcohol increases drowsiness and  can also irritate the lining of the esophagus and stomach.
7. Talk to your Pharmacist Sometimes the amount of paperwork inside of your prescription can be over whelming. If this is the case always ask your Pharmacist to summarize how to take the medication and what to expect. Your Pharmacist can also help with finding alternatives. 
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