Back in the day we trained dogs to fetch our newspapers. All along we have trained them to be the sight for those who have lost their own vision. And of course without much training they have become our best friends. Now our cabin side kicks may become something even more. A tell “tail” sign to sniff out CoVID. 

CoVID-19 is becoming less of a pandemic and more of a staple in everyday life. We are in high demand to find more ways to detect, treat and cure this problem. One solution may include our favorite furry friend. A recent study conducted by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that respiratory diseases change body odor.

They believe trained dogs could be able to pick up this body shift in CoVID sufferers. The study trained eight “sniffer” dogs to detect the virus in only one week. They presented saliva samples and swabs from CoVID-19 patients. Out of 959 random samples, the dogs identified 157 positive and 792 negative. If this proves to be something that could be verifiably consistent, the method could be used in airports, stadiums, large gatherings and even borders. This is a faster and cheaper solution to help sniff out CoVID and bring people together once again.