As I sit here for what feels like the millionth day of the pandemic, I’ve started taking note of what my inner monologue is telling me. If you’re anything like me, you pick up your phone and start scrolling. Sometimes you pick up your phone and click on Facebook without even realizing it. 

Checking social media has become a huge part of my daily routine. More times than not, I feel angry when I put down my phone. Social media makes me feel like I’m watching the news. You have fake news, endless amounts of feelings but not facts, and anger. The commercials from the social media news, are your influencers.

That’s great everyone is getting great results from their makeup, workouts, life coaching, craft making or whatever thing they’re trying to sell. Thanks, but I’ll pass. All of it is overwhelming. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have the freedom to post whatever they chose.

As for me, I am limiting my screen time. I am taking control. I am the writer of my own inner monologue. I chose to only write things that will bring me joy and peace. Who knows how long the pandemic will last. I don’t want to lose myself during this time. I want to monitor every thought. I continually remind myself that what I bring in will eventually come out. I challenge whoever is reading this to stop and think about what their inner monologue is.