Partnering with Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital is such an honor! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VUMC staff has made it a priority to help their patients and family feel warm, welcome, and loved by creating the “Button Project”! 

“The staff at the Children’s hospital decided to get creative to ensure that the 1,700 children and families who visit the hospital and clinics each day can see the same friendly faces they’ve always known still exist behind the masks! The goal of the button project was to eliminate or reduce a level of fear and anxiety for patients who find comfort in seeing the smiling faces of their providers and health care team members. With the new safety policies around COVID-19, such as mask wearing, this is a strategy to accomplish this goal.”

So far more than 150 buttons have been distributed to various teams across the Children’s Hospital, including surgical services. How awesome is it that Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital went above and beyond for their patients during a scary and uncertain time! 

Click the link below for the full read and some awesome pictures!