There is a group of healthcare workers who are often overlooked. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the important role they play has put them more in the spotlight. While Dr’s, nursing staff, respiratory therapists, etc. are on the frontlines caring not only for Covid-19 patients, but for other patients as well, there is another group of healthcare workers on the frontlines. That would be the team of Environmental Services workers. Their role has become more recognized because of the coronavirus outbreak.  

When you think of frontline workers, the Environmental Services team isn’t who you usually think about. You should…because this is the team that everyone in the hospital depends on. They clean every area of the hospital from the floors and baseboards, to the elevator buttons and light switches, to decontaminating hospital equipment. These are the people helping to fight the spread of infections throughout the hospital.  

Hospitals have to adhere to stringent cleaning protocols to protect patients and employees. Environmental Services teams go through intensive training to put an effective cleaning procedure in place to prepare for any type of infectious outbreak. While following these critical cleaning guidelines, Environmental Services team members risk exposure to an infectious disease everyday by being the first line of defense. They do it knowing the risk, but take pride in knowing how important their job is to the safety of the hospital.

This is a group of frontline workers who rarely get the pats on the back for their part in preventing the spread of a disease. This week, we salute you and thank you for all that you do to keep hospital personnel and patients safe. Happy Environmental Services Week!