My name is Mallory Myers, based out of Jackson, MS, and I am a new hire at AvKARE covering Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. As a May 2020 graduate from Mississippi State University, my job search was looking rather bleak due to the entry and shockwave of Covid-19. From the first time I found AvKARE I was drawn to their company, and my initial interviews just solidified it further. I have already met so many people who I know will be not only coworkers, but friends.

As stated above, I am a very recent graduate of Mississippi State University, where I pledged Phi Mu and was involved in the Student Association. In the last four years, I also delved deeper into my passion for floristry and event design. Through this, I was able to create a “side gig” in weddings and other events. Although my four years ended rather strange, I wouldn’t have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel had it not been for my most important asset, my family. My mom, Amanda, and dad, Jarrett, have been in the pharmaceutical industry for a combined 30+ years and inspired me to pursue a career in this industry.

Before coming to AvKARE, I spent the majority of my time in school and helping grow my family’s charity, Goodnest Traveling Goods. Through Goodnest, we are able to go to Guatemala, bring back artisan items to sell, and give back 100% of the profits to orphanages and families in the community of Solola. Not only has this brought us a new found love for the country of Guatemala and its residents, but it has also brought us closer as a family. I, along with my mom, dad, and two sisters, take every chance we get to continue our work with Goodnest.

I am extremely excited to continue work with AvKARE, even in these uncertain times. I know that our team is ready and willing to tackle all challenges we face and not only make it through, but emerge with heightened knowledge and undeniable success!