AvKARE is a Pharmaceutical Repackager – we purchase medications from a wholesaler’s distribution or a manufacturer then specialize in repackaging the drug products into a new package type, freeing up Pharmacists and Pharmacy staff to handle more patient related issues.

The FDA conducts a thorough drug application review and approval process during which the container closure system and drug packaging are evaluated as well as the conditions the drugs will be packaged and stored. FDA evaluation conducted helps ensure that the packaging closure system are appropriate for maintaining the stability of the drug until the expiration date.

Pharmaceutical Repackagers do NOT change the dosage form, dilute products, mix the products with other solutions, substances or chemicals.

According to the FDA, pharmaceutical repackaging is “the act of removing a preparation from its original primary container and placing it into another primary container, usually of smaller size.”

OUTSOURCING REPACKAGING offers a much more efficient and effective way to ensure that patients and pharmacies run smoother and safer. When you outsource your pharmaceuticals, you are able to stay compliant, get current contract prices, cost minus, FDA approved products, barcodes, multiple closer container systems, see available stock, get updates, choose oral solids, oral liquids, narcotics, ointments, creams, and IV’s all from the comfort of your computer. 

With many big health systems deciding to repackage on their own, there is still a big need for Repackagers. It’s a hefty cost to get your Central Pharmacy up and running. Once you’re up operating, there are always going to be medications that just need to be left to the EXPERTS! This could be an ointment, a slow mover, or an expensive med that outdates faster than you can repackage it…


The overall effect of pharma repackaging is positive, lowering costs and resulting in greater efficiencies in the pharmaceutical supply chain.