Face masks are in extremely high demand right now, and some states are requiring anyone in public places to wear one. Even in states where it is not required, it is recommended by the CDC to wear one for preventative measures. Unfortunately due to high demand and lack of availability, it’s hard to come by masks. But not to worry – it is easier than you think to make your own mask while you look with just a tshirt, rubber bands, and scissors. This method is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and reusable!

Wearing a face mask can cut transmission of COVID-19 drastically. Keep yourself and others safe by social distancing and using personal protective equipment! See the video from Good Housekeeping below on how to easily make a no sew face mask.

If you are looking for more face masks, you can head to store.avkare.com to purchase a box of 50 disposable 3-ply masks.