I know I am not the only one struggling with the “stay at home” orders. I love my job; I enjoy the traveling and running in and out of hospitals to seeing my buyers. In my spare time, I love to travel, ride horses, attend hockey games and spend a lot of time with my friends. This sudden halt to my lifestyle has proven very difficult. For the first time in my life, I spent an entire week at home ALONE. I don’t like it, but I am making the best of it. I am lucky to have a great job that I am able to do from home and do not have to face this virus in person. 

My first thought was I would make a list of all the projects around the house and work projects I had been putting off. I didn’t jump right into the projects. I found myself getting caught up in all the media attention. When I started believing the conspiracy theories, I decided it was time to tackle those lists.  

I tackled some projects for a few days, then I got sidetracked by a shiny new horse. The thought of a road trip to pick up a horse wasn’t the warm blue water trip I am dreaming of, but it was better than cleaning the basement. So, with proper social distancing planning, wipes, hand sanitizer and traveling with our own restroom in the trailer, we jumped in the truck and headed to Pennsylvania. Uno is a three year old grey off-the-track thoroughbred. Without getting to try him due to the virus, we lucked out with a really great horse. 

After that distraction, I had to get creative to keep busy. I got the kids (two teenagers) involved in the list process and trying to make it fun. Everyone has to have a project at all times. We play chore bingo each week to assign chores, workout daily (we take turns choosing the workout). I am learning TikTok dances and they are learning to play chess. While I prefer my normal life, and the weeks the kids are gone are harder, we are making the best of it. It is all about attitude. We can talk about the things we miss, but cannot spend a lot of time complaining.

I’ll share a small portion of our list. 

  1. Learn a language
  2. Organize your pictures in albums
  3. Get a new pet (horse) – Make sure it fits into your post pandemic life!
  4. Cook a new recipe – everyone cooks once a week!
  5. Learn TikTok dances
  6. Learn Photography
  7. Puppet Show
  8. Start a new book
  9. Write a poem, short story or start that novel
  10. FaceTime family members
  11. Write a letter to someone you appreciate
  12. Organize your closet
  13. Play hide and seek – Disclaimer: This can destroy your house with teenagers
  14. Start a new skin care routine
  15. Re-arrange your furniture
  16. Take an online dance class
  17. Virtual tours of museums
  18. Learn to make floral arrangements
  19. Set up an indoor picnic
  20. Work on your yard and flower beds
  21. Start a couch to 5K
  22. Zoom Battleship – I haven’t tried this once, but I want to!
  23. Take a the dog for a walk
  24. Scavenger hunt through the neighborhood (red door, etc.)
  25. Bake
  26. Have a Karaoke night
  27. Make jewelry
  28. Yoga
  29. Clean out your car
  30. Have a Sundae night
  31. Play board games
  32. Create a vision board
  33. Set up a new budget
  34. Start a gratitude journal
  35. Play cards
  36. Start a vlog
  37. Learn to juggle
  38. Write a letter to your future self
  39. Plan a vacation for when you can travel
  40. Make a music video
  41. Make a cardboard fort
  42. Train your dog new tricks
  43. Make Elephant toothpaste
  44. Make Play dough
  45. Put together a puzzle
  46. Learn Chess
  47. Host a Zoom Paint night 
  48. Edit and print your pictures
  49. Start a book club
  50. Chores Bingo – monetary reward evens out the tougher chores

We will all have a story of how we got through the virus. I’m doing my best to be sure mine is a good story.