Working as a Healthcare Account Manager at AvKARE, I’ve had the opportunity to routinely meet with more than 600 hospitals over the past few years. This experience, along with many conversations with family members and friends who work in the healthcare industry, allows me to confidently say that not all hospitals are the same. Therefore, when it came to my grandmother needing surgery, I was adamant that we did our research! We looked into multiple aspects, including physician reviews, patient feedback, and the hospital itself. I want to share one of the websites that I find extremely helpful! 

Best Hospitals

This website shows overviews and rankings on hospitals based on what is most relevant to you. 

You have the option to sort based on hospital name, location, or specialty/procedure. The results list will identify if the hospital is High Performing or Nationally Ranked. After selecting a hospital, you can explore reviews from other patients, read biographies on their doctors, and view their hospital and specialty rankings.

Again, I found this to be an extremely helpful tool in selecting a hospital (not just a doctor) for my grandmother’s procedure. I encourage you to check it out and explore the hospitals near you!