Imagine trying to run a marathon without warming up your muscles or completing the appropriate training beforehand. You would be feeling pretty tired and chances are you would be nowhere close to finishing all 26.2 miles. The same concept is presented in sales. Jumping straight into an intense sales pitch during a meeting can be self sabotaging and leave the buyer with a feeling of confusion and isolation. 

Building a relationship and connection with your customers is so important for maintaining sales and trust. Getting to know your buyers before diving into the sales aspect of the meeting is a warm up which can make you more memorable and increase your chances of a buyer wanting to meet with you again. Having a common understanding of each other’s personalities and communication styles helps make meetings feel more like a conversation rather than just talking at the customer. Asking questions and equally sharing some background on yourself is a gateway for opening conversations and making the meeting feel less rigid. Try to remember small details about the customer  – it is a sign that you are listening and aware of what they are saying. It also gives a great talking point for the next meeting! 

Communication and relationship building is imperative to creating rapport among your customers and for continued sales. The connection is the human part of the interaction. Don’t be the one coming in to sell something in an intimidating and aggressive way, it will almost never work (especially in the long run). You can become your buyer’s favorite rep to meet with by being genuinely interested in their needs and listening to their responses to questions. Make valuable and genuine connections to see your sales flourish!