Always a hot topic!  I don’t, however, plan to discuss all the politics of it.  You can thank me later!

 I came across an article this week that grabbed my attention and I thought “WOW!” something so simple would make such a huge impact on how we shop for help care. 

Have you ever noticed it is easier to find the fee for parking than it is to find the price of your procedure?  What if, in America, hospitals and physicians had to post their rates like required in France? Then we would be able to comparison shop, and in turn some of those rates would look a little better over time. However, even if all rates stayed the same, at least we would know what to expect.  Sometimes the shock of the bill is partly to blame for America’s dislike of the healthcare system.  Healthcare is really the only service we use that we have no idea what we are paying until after the fact, and when I really thought about it… well it just blew my mind! 

What’s your opinion?  I feel like transparency would be nice.  

Take a look at those articles for a more in-depth look at the American healthcare system versus that of European countries such as France.