As an AvKARE rep, I strive to add value to the relationships I have with my buyers. Below are three of the key ways this is achieved. 

Individualized Recommendations – I spend time in each hospital’s account to determine what products may be a fit for their specialties and demand. By analyzing product volume and feedback from similar systems, I am able to provide product recommendations that are relevant, offered in an appropriate pack size, and typically at or near first position regarding price. 

Backorder Updates – Updates are provided in several ways. I send a monthly update notifying new backorders and restocks. However, if a backorder is expected suddenly or a high demand item returns, I reach out immediately. Occasionally, I customize emails to provide change updates only to the locations utilizing the effected product. 

Product Needs & Feedback – I am always interested in hearing what new generics buyers want to see in unit dose or where they are experiencing challenges in ordering. My goal is to help in whatever capacity I can. 

I appreciate all that my buyers do for their hospitals, teams, and community. If there is anything more I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let me know!