Have you ever been walking around a hospital or doctor’s office and seen the “act FAST” posters that are posted frequently regarding a stroke?  Are you educated on what a stroke is and the recommended times a patient experiencing the stroke symptoms are to be treated? This article from HCA Today gives excellent information about strokes, treatment, and why HCA is at the top of their game!

HCA is leading the national standard in response time for a stroke with an average response time of 42 minutes.  This is 30% quicker than the national standard! WOW, Impressive!

When a patient is experiencing a stroke, the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Stroke Association recommends that the medication used to dissolve a life-threatening blood clot be administered in the first 60 minutes to be most effective in treating a stroke without any major side-effects.

Take a minute and educate yourself with this article from one of the leading healthcare providers in the nation! It could save a life!