Important Facts You Might Want to Remember

  • Drinking tea or coffee with meals makes it harder for the body to absorb Iron from plant foods, so avoid these beverages at meal times. 
  • The FDA is concerned about biotin causing a falsely low test result for troponin, a clinically important biomarker to aid in the diagnosis of heart attacks, which may lead to a missed diagnosis and potentially serious clinical implications. 

Fun to Know Facts

  • Kiwis & strawberries contain twice as much Vitamin C as an orange.
  • Once Absorbed Vitamin C only has a 30 biological half life in your bloodstream.
  • Lack of Vitamin A can cause night blindness, so if you have trouble seeing at night might want to up the Vitamin A.
  • Sunscreen reduces your skins ability to produce Vitamin D by up to 95%, which can cause a Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Good news though, your body can absorb all the vitamin D it needs in only 20 minutes on a sunny day.