My mission is to keep my buyers informed and up to date on AvPAK products. One way this is achieved is through a monthly email blitz. This is a quick way I provide a snapshot of changes. Some information is a reminder of what happened during the month, and other parts contain new updates on changes to come. While I typically prefer messages to be personalized, this allows for a fair distribution of information and knowledge that helps all buyers save and prepare! 

What is included? 

  • New Unit Dose Items
    • Including NDC changes
  • Restocked Products
    • Along with items that are Expected Soon (within the month)
  • New Backorders 
    • Availability is listed if there is inventory still available in their distribution center
  • Discontinued Items

How this helps: 

  • Buyers don’t miss out on what is NEW and could potentially be saving them money!
  • Buyers see which of their Preferred Items have returned and know to switch back to saving! 
  • Buyers can prepare for Backorders by stocking up or preparing for alternatives if needed. 

Overall these blitzed emails are a way to consolidate the month and ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on with AvPAK. Let me know your thoughts and/or what else you may be interested in seeing on these monthly blitz emails.