As a Sales Leader of a dynamic Pharmaceutical Sales Team, I find myself aspiring to be my best for them (very similar to my children) every day. There are 3 key things I believe have helped me foster growth, build confidence and inspire my team members to be their best.

1) Collaboration: I believe collaboration brings value and relevance to each member of the team and fosters long term success. If you are part of the planning, building, and implementing process, you are more invested in the results. This also helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team members in a more constructive way. This approach also allows each member to feel comfortable and confident about adding their ideas.

2) Coach Because You Care: This is very similar to the compulsion to coach your 5 year olds soccer team. You genuinely want to help them develop their skills, build confidence on and off the field, foster love for the sport, and show them how to be humble winners but also good losers. I believe the same is true in business. It’s critical to have a good relationship with each member of your team, because when you care about the individual, you become more interested in their growth, success, and personal and professional development, which is the recipe for longevity. 

3) Communication: In every aspect of life, whether relationships, sales presentations, or day to day business, I believe communication is critical. Communication is the foundation for efficiency, high productivity and overall happiness. Remember that time you were given a project to do with no due date or guidelines? Clarity is kindness; if you maintain strong communication, your team understands expectations and can manage priorities to be more efficient. 

My journey in leadership has been rewarding, challenging and incredibly fun and I truly believe with the right mindset and approach yours can be too!