This national heart month, inform yourself!

We all want to be healthy and happy, and I’m sure many of us started resolutions to do just that! Help yourself by informing yourself on the heart, our most vital muscle. There are some great informational tools at the American Heart Association website, but here are a few that can kickstart your knowledge journey.

Health Topics

The health topics homepage is the gateway to information. Learn about strokes, heart conditions, and health through this page. The better informed we are, the better we can prepare for our own health and reacting to the heart health of others.

Healthy Living

The holidays might be over, but it’s still important to stay healthy! Keep your resolutions up with these resources on eating healthy, getting moving, and staying motivated. That kick in the butt will help kick your heart into a healthy new year!

Flu and Pneumonia Prevention

The flu is no joke, especially for patients with heart disease or who have previously had a stroke. Learn and take action by getting your flu shot to help relieve some of the strain on your heart.

Caregiver Support

Our caregivers are there to help us, but how are we supporting them? This is a great resource for caregivers to get help and find ways to balance a healthy life with their lifesaving work.

Treatment Guidelines

Your number one source for staying up to date on guidelines for healthy patient outcomes.

Get Involved

Now that you’re informed, get involved! You have the tools so why don’t you put them to use. Find ways to volunteer, donate, and inform others on heart disease, healthy lifestyles, and lifesaving methods.