In New England snow is inevitable, no matter how much we wish for warmer weather to be back. As a kid, I would always pray for a foot of snow to hit overnight right before school started so I could sleep an extra few hours.. or even better – have a snow day. Waking up on time just to watch the school cancellations on the local news channel was just the beginning of my snow day plans. Sledding, making hot chocolate, and watching movies all day were just some of my favorite winter activities growing up in Massachusetts. Unfortunately most of us adults don’t have that luxury anymore; our schedules and obligations don’t clear up just because there’s some snow on the ground. 

Looking Ahead

For people who travel for work, checking the extended 10 day forecast is imperative when scheduling appointments, especially in the winter. When I see a potential storm coming in the following week, I give myself almost double the travel time between appointments that I typically would without weather. Even though most main streets and highways are well maintained, sometimes it can be delayed with salt trucks and extra cautious drivers on the road. It’s always better to stay safe and on time than to rush to a meeting when the weather is bad. 

Tools for the Unexpected

A surprise overnight snow can be a hinderance in the morning when you’re rushing out the door. Keeping an ice scraper and snow brush in my car is a go to, as well as a small shovel to dig myself out of a parking spot if needed. This preparation is important for snowfall that can occur while you’re in a meeting and come out to a covered car. I’ve learned my lesson with that the hard way!

Overall, the snow can cause a damper on your day, but only if you’re not prepared. Driving safe and taking your time getting to meetings can put your mind at ease and helps you focus on what you need to. As much as I hate the cold and driving on slick roads, nothing will beat the beautiful snow that coats New England every year.