I had an opportunity arise from a conference I attended a month ago. Since it is a really good opportunity, when I got hold of my contact, I quickly scheduled an appointment. Much to my surprise, the she is not in my area! I quickly scrambled to find reasonable flights. Long story, much shorter, I end up flying into Omaha, NE and driving to Des Moines, IA.

I made it in around 12:30am last night, was up by six, and headed off for a two hour drive. I had a great appointment, then drove back to Nebraska for the six hour wait for my flight. Many times in this situation, I have rushed back to the airport to sit and work. Not today! I actually found a beautiful park and pedestrian bridge that goes across the Missouri River. I decided to get my workout in running across the bridge and back. I found a great lunch place ( Epoca Cantina ) in the Capitol District. 

Who knows if I’ll ever get back to the beautiful city of Omaha again. So, take the time to enjoy life!

Just another thought… When I post these things, I wonder if people think my job is all fun a games. I may have to do a post on pharma rep problems! 

Now off to the airport for three hours of work on a Friday night. 

#ItHappensOnBob #EnjoyLife #GreatRuns