Exciting offerings from AvKARE!

In a world where everyone is working towards innovative cost savings, AvKARE has designed several options for savings that will fit every hospital system’s needs. 

AvKARE has a great selection of unit dose generic products that almost all hospitals and hospital systems are already purchasing. In an effort to pass cost savings onto our customers, we have designed three basic offerings:

Option 1: Purchasing directly from AvKARE through our online ordering portal. Hospitals get our best price available with this option. On top of our best pricing, customers receive tiered rebates to encourage increasing the NDCs purchased. 

Option 2:  A Pricing Agreement through the hospital system’s current wholesaler combined with tiered rebates. This is a great option to control pricing through your wholesaler!

Option 3: Hospitals continue to purchase through their current wholesaler on their current contract, but receive tiered rebates. 

Being a nimble company we are also able to do combinations of the options to accommodate the wishes of our customers. Call your sales representative today to discuss your options and start saving on your unit dose generic products!