As we all start to make New Years Resolutions, I want to share with you how the Unit Dose team here at AvKARE plan to raise the bar in the new year. All of our buyers are aware of the purchasing protocols that are available through all the major wholesalers. We have implemented some other options for our buyers and health systems when it comes to buying AvPAK unit dose. 

The first option, and most cost effective option, is buying directly from AvKARE. We now have a online buying portal that is set up for buyers and their specific needs. Buying direct offers a substantial discount on all 300 plus NDC’s we have available. Once orders are placed, the expected delivery time is 1-3 days. 

The second option is available through your current wholesaler. We work with the wholesaler to load a specific contract price for you to purchase. This program offers a decent discount with the next day delivery from the wholesaler. 

The third option, is a win-win for everyone. We offer a rebate on anything AvPAK that you purchase through your wholesaler. It’s really that simple! 

If you think you are interested in any of these programs reach out to your rep for more details.