We all have those days; you know, the ones that seem to drag on forever, more stuff gets piled on our plate, and you know as soon as you get home you’re going to be running around just as crazy. This gets amplified during the holiday season. When your enthusiasm is down in the dumps and you’re just looking to get through to the holiday, try some of these strategies to help you get through the day.


It’s a term we had back in my softball days and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a buddy who holds you accountable. We used it so we could all pass our running tests, but you can use it in the workplace! Find a friend who can hold you accountable, especially on tasks you dread. One example: give them a candy bar and tell them you aren’t allowed to eat it until you finish Task A. The kicker? If you don’t finish Task A, your buddy gets to keep the candy for themselves. Bonus incentive to get your work done if you give them a wrapped gift meant for someone in your family. No one wants a cranky child without a present so you have extra motivation. You and your buddy can also just be supportive of each other. Let them know you’re having an off day and I’m sure they’d be happy to offer you encouragement throughout the day to keep your spirits up.

Make some fun

Have a friendly competition! Make fun games up to help you finish tasks. Switch up your routine to add some variety to your work. Reward yourself after completing a task, though keep in mind the reward doesn’t have to always be a snack or eggnog. Maybe you reward yourself with a few minutes on social media (and by a few minutes, I mean just a few minutes!). Let yourself unwind a bit by writing in a journal or sketching on a sticky note. Stand up and go encourage your accountabilibuddy!

Positivity breeds positivity

This one might be one of the more annoying and difficult strategies. I know I am the worst at it, but positivity – your thoughts, words, and actions – creates the space for more positivity. That encouragement piece above? Positivity. One small, positive sentence, to anyone, can change their day. It isn’t hard to muster up five seconds of sincerity in a friendly comment. That leads to ten seconds, then fifteen… it carries over into everything you do. Some days are easier than others, but I challenge you to say at least one positive thing to someone new every day. Random acts of kindness can also go a long way. Besides, it’s the holiday season and we all want to be on Santa’s good list. See the change you can make in someone’s attitude by just one act.

Set Goals

Having something to strive for, rather than walking around aimlessly, is a surefire way to keep you focused and moving forward. Even on my worst days, I know that once I finish a task, I feel so much better. My favorite is having a To-Done list, and no, that isn’t a typo. My list of things I need to accomplish can vary in size, depending on how much I finish on a particular day, but nothing is more satisfying to me than writing down all of the things I’ve finished in a day. Even if I only finish one thing, chances are it is something substantial and I feel good about seeing the things I’ve completed.

What about setting goals that get you through the end of the year? We all make Resolutions for the New Year, why don’t you make Resolutions for the rest of this year? Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Start right now and see if you can relieve some future stress for yourself!

What are some of the other ways you keep the morale up, even when you just don’t feel like it?