As everyone recovers from their Thanksgiving feasts, some of us might have to recover from some illnesses.

It’s important to remember that we are still in the middle of flu season. Being in close quarters with family and friends during the holiday makes the importance of taking preventative measures against sicknesses even more crucial. There are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from getting sick during the holidays.

Get your flu shot

While it is important to get your flu shot before or early in the flu season, better late than never. Take it to the next level and head to providers that offer the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage. The barrier protects both the healthcare provider and you by self-sealing and keeping the injection site sterile. Did you know that people who get their flu shot with the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage report feeling less or no pain with the shot? If you catch up on The Clean Life podcast about flu season, you can hear from CEO Mark Harris about the bandage and how this is possible.

Wash your hands

I did a whole series on hand washing and it’s just as important now. There are a lot of surface contact areas around the home that are hot spots for bacteria. Multiply the number of people in that space and you add to the spread of those germs. When things get crowded, make a point to keep yourself clean.

You can read the hand washing series starting here.

Speaking of crowds…

Clean hard surfaces

In between meal lines, clean your surfaces with Waltz D. It’s safe for your counters and FDA approved for food surfaces so you don’t have to worry about spraying it near your array of delicious treats. If little Timmy didn’t clean his hands before climbing up to get food, you’ll be sure to protect yourself and your guests. Waltz D is also safe for use throughout your home so don’t be afraid to spray it around the bathroom, your doorknobs, and wherever you keep your tissue box, especially because those will be used a lot!

Protect yourself from harsh weather

Heading in and out the door, from cold to hot and back again, can be damaging to your health. Not only does your immune system weaken slightly, increasing your chance of catching a cold or the flu, you are subject to cold temperatures, wind, and low humidity which can dry out your skin. Hot water and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can continue to dry out your hands as you try to protect yourself from germs. Instead, use Waltz Free! It’s a moisturizing hand lotion that sanitizes, keeping you safe from germs and safe from the harsh weather you’re facing. Bundle up when you go outside and protect yourself further with Waltz Free.

Clean your appliances

With the increase in use of ovens, grills, pressure cookers, and more around the holidays, make sure you are cooking in a clean environment. Grime builds up and you can show your appliances some love by reducing their workload. Make sure you plan ahead and know all the guests coming. You might have to do another round of cleaning if you have a guest who is allergic to a certain food. And if you plan to use the fireplace that you haven’t touched in a year, make sure you clean it out and do the proper checks. If you aren’t sure how to do this, hire a service to clean it out for you.

Toys need a scrub often

While cleaning your child’s toys often is important, when you have a large guest list with accompanying children, you can bet they will be touching everything they can get their hands on. To keep things contained, designate a room or area where the toys should remain. This keeps toys from getting strewn around the house and makes it easier to clean. Anyone who touches those toys should also be sure to wash their hands after.

Clean the sheets and pillowcases

When you have guests who stay the night, make sure you wash their bedding before and after their stay. It’s important to keep pets out of those rooms too, especially if the guest is allergic. Cleaning before and after prevents a lot of dirt and germs from building up. When other guests start to arrive, make sure you close the guest bedroom doors and keep others out to help preserve that cleanliness.

Do you have other cleaning tips or overlooked areas? How do you make sure you and your family stay healthy over the holidays?