Working for AvKARE as a Healthcare Account Manager has allowed me to achieve great balance in my life. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. I put in many long days, evenings and sometimes weekends. I still find time to enjoy my family and pursue my interests. 

Though most of you know a little about me, I would guess not everyone knows all of these five things:

  • I love tropical vacations. I try to see pretty blue water at least twice a year. I am a water temperature snob. I have some friends that call me 82, because that is my minimum water temperature. I love to go to fun places and meet new friends at the resorts. I have actually gone on trips with people I have met on vacations. I love diving and try to dive a couple times a year. 
  • I love animals. I currently have one quarter horse named Chester and a corgi named George. I have always owned and shown horses. I am reporter for the Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association and highly involved in the Little Buckeye show in Ohio. It was a top 10 Quarter Horse show in 2018. I also work at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, the largest one breed horse show in the world. It lasts the entire month of October.  There was a time when I raised and showed English Bulldogs. In 2006, I had the top female in the country.
Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse directors ready to give out hippos to lead-line kids
  • I have four kids – 36, 33, 15 and 14, as well as two grandkids. My boyfriend has five – ages 26, 24, 19, 17 and 14 and two grandkids. We have a big dinner every Wednesday night with as many kids as we can get to join us. We try to take a couple trips a year, a ski trip and a long weekend at Jersey Shore with the kids as well. In the summer, we spend time on the boat at the lake near our home. Amazingly, they all get along rather well. We love spending time with all of them!
Some of our kids at Wednesday night dinner, Buckeye Lake Winery
  • I am a photographer. I have always enjoyed the art of photography. I have had showings at University of Cincinnati and several studios around Cincinnati. I supported myself when my two youngest were little shooting weddings, sports, high school seniors and preschools. I took a long break after having to shoot to support myself. I have been feeling the desire to shoot for fun again lately. 
  • I have a couple weird allergies. I am allergic to the skin of mango. It is pretty severe. I do not play around with mango! I am also allergic to artificial cinnamon. I absolutely love Big Red gum, Red Hots and Fireball. Occasionally, I will indulge in artificial cinnamon. My throat swells a little and my voice is raspy for a few days; totally worth it!

With my large family and time-consuming interests, it is rare to find a job you love that allows you such great balance. AvKARE has allowed me to achieve great balance.