I have lived in Kentucky all my life and one thing is for certain, you can never be certain about the weather !

This summer has certainly been hotter and dryer than normal; I heard our local evening news report that weather experts have declared we have broken records this summer for the number of days in a row with temperatures in the upper 90s and the number of days in a row with no rainfall.  Does this mean we are due for an unusually cold and snowy winter?

The Farmers Almanac is predicting a “Polarcoaster” for Kentucky this winter!  Apparently, we are headed for bouts of freezing temperatures and several snowfalls.

Many of the “Oldtimers” around these parts are claiming that the signs of nature are indicating such.

Using woolly worms to predict the weather

Some of these Old Wives tales about nature’s weather predictors have been proven to be true!  Surveys have found that a woolly worm’s predictions of weather are accurate at least 80% of the time.  If the brown band in the middle is narrow, it will be a hard winter.  If the woolly worm is completely black, it will definitely be a harsher than normal winter.  I heard a co-worker comment that there had been a lot of early morning fogs in August which indicates the number of snows we will have in the coming winter. Another person commented that when you open a persimmon if there is a spoon shape in the middle, the winter will be harsh; he said he tried it and there it was , a shape of a spoon!

Are corn husks thicker? Are animals’ fur coats thicker? Are the squirrels feverishly gathering the abundance of acorns that are dropping this year?  All of these and many other signs are said to be indicators of harsh winter weather.

Photo by Milly Eaton on Pexels.com

Our seasons have definitely changed since I was a child.

  We used to have a lot more snows in the winter than we do now in Kentucky.  Many children today don’t really know what a big snowfall is like! Building snowmen, building forts, snowball fights, sledding…What fun we used to have, children and adults alike! Of course, moms and dads were ready for the snow to go away before we children were!  They couldn’t wait for school to be back in session.  I remember one year in the late 70s that we attended school only one day the whole month of January! It seemed every Sunday night that month we got the snow we wished for!

Of course as kids, we didn’t consider the treacherous travel conditions for adults, but that’s the fun of being a child!  

Perhaps the winter of 2019-2020 will be one for the record books just like our summer has been! But then again, maybe not?