I had the chance to catch up with Michael Cockerham, VP of Product Management at AvKARE, to talk about the upcoming ISSA Show. November 18-21 in Las Vegas, Michael hopes to not only find new research and discover new services offered, he also plans to network and drive the future of AvKARE Infection Control ideas.


ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, is the host of ISSA Show North America. It is an event for top professionals in the cleaning and maintenance environment. The show facilitates information sharing, relationships, networking, and product innovation between manufacturers, distributors, facility managers, building contractors, and residential cleaners. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity to learn and support a crucial business industry.

Laura Winter (LW): So, now that we know a little about ISSA, have you been before? What made you excited to return?

Michael Cockerham (MC): ISSA is the largest sanitation exhibit in the world and AvKARE is thrilled to be attending for our second time. In 2018, AvKARE exhibited some products. This year, Dave Dunston and I are excited to be attendees and experience some new aspects of the show.

LW: As an attendee, what are some of the things you will be looking for when you’re on the floor?

MC: Dave and I will be walking the floor and meeting with prospective distributors, looking for products to add to AvKARE’s Waltz umbrella of infection control products, and gauging competing products while looking to the future of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. We are looking for new ways to set AvKARE apart.

LW: Speaking of your Waltz line, I also heard about a meeting you’ll have with Dr. Christine Greene. She has been doing some research for AvKARE on your infection control product Waltz D. Can you tell us about that?

MC: Dr. Greene has received the study that NSF conducted on the process of using Waltz D and the removal of the CDIFF Spore with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-caustic disinfectant.

LW: What are you looking forward to at ISSA?

MC: I’m really looking forward to seeing the next wave of cutting edge products and processes that will bring additional value to our current infection control offerings. We care about keeping our customers safe and clean in the best way possible!

LW: What are some final plans you have for the show that people should look out for?

MC: We are going to be walking around the floor and taking it all in, so if someone would like to meet and discuss AvKARE’s Waltz Infection Control Products Monday through Wednesday, shoot me a text at 254-396-3551. I’d love to meet with you and see how we can help serve your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the above mentioned products or companies, follow these links:

AvKARE: https://avkare.com

Waltz D: waltzd.com, or purchase at store.avkare.com

ISSA Show North America: https://show.issa.com