“The World’s best-selling book” That is essentially the claim of all sales books right?

Why is it that many sales books you read claim to be the best or the only one you ever need? Have you ever read just one sales book and thought, ‘Yep that’s all I need to know’? Or did you take some valuable information from it, apply it, and realize it was still not enough to get the job done?

Chances are, like many of you reading this have read multiple sales books, and for the most part you may notice they cover the basics of sales 101 over and over. Personally, I can get a little impatient when reading or hearing the same things repeated. At one point, I even remember saying to my other sales friends, “All sales books are the same.”

Whoa, that is a pretty bold statement.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have decided to step back and reconstruct my thinking that all sales books are the same, and analyze the benefits of sales books even though similar content is repeated.

1. Sales 101 again, and again

Reading the same thing over and over again helps improve your memory. It becomes ingrained in you, and soon enough can be almost second nature. Reminding yourself of the basics and fundamentals can improve things you may have forgotten.

2. Extra Bonus

Usually, every sales book will have one or two things that are different that you can take away and apply to the real world. So, the more sales books you read the higher your single take aways become.

3. Reading Perks

Reading helps mental stimulation, promotes relaxation which reduces stress, and expands your vocabulary. Which regardless of what you are reading will help you in your day to day sales life. See some of these perks in a previous post on our blog: Benefits of an employee book club.

Overall, yes you may be reading the greatest sales book ever now, but the next one may apply to you even more. So keep reading, and understanding the basics of sales and discover new techniques that can be applied to your day to day customer interactions.