As a self enrichment goal for this quarter I made a commitment to myself to eat healthier! I am a mom of two, wife, and work full time – so sometimes remembering to take care of yourself can be hard! I was tired all the time and did not have the energy to go the extra mile at work or at home.  I realized that the main cause of my lack of energy was the junk food I was eating.

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Changing your eating lifestyle can literally change your life, I am living proof.  By changing my eating habits alone – I have lost some weight and boosted my confidence, but most of all I feel a million times better and have more energy to finish my work day and enjoy family activities in the evenings with my husband and kids.  Determining foods that were healthy that I enjoyed and learning which fats are good for the body was challenging but so rewarding. Are you tired too? I challenge you to change your eating lifestyle as well!