Today I had my first appointment with a buyer in my territory. At first, I was nervous because I am still so new to the company and the industry, but I prepared myself well so I felt a little more comfortable going into the meeting. The first couple weeks of my training at AvKARE included lots of help from Rachel and my coworkers on the Unit Dose team, which was so helpful! Learning tips and tricks to make my job easier and my knowledge of the products grow quicker made me feel more confident in my first meeting. 

I quickly found out that most inpatient pharmacies are located in the basement of the hospital, so I am glad that I got there early! Some hospitals are easier to navigate than others, but it is always best to have a little extra time to find out (and remember) for next time. A good piece of advice I received from Dawn was to look for distinct features to help remember directions so I could write it down in my notes after. For example, I took a left down a long hallway with big windows all the way down it. This is now in my notes so I’ll remember where to go next time!

Overall, my first appointment went well, and the buyer was really nice. It felt great to get out and meet one of my clients!