Guest Post: Karol Ann Hoffman, COO AvKARE

We all take for granted that we will be around for the next event we have scheduled in the coming weeks or months, but that is not always the case.  Tragedy can strike at any time, causing us to think about simple things we take for granted each day.  

I find myself always saying I am too busy to go have lunch with my kids or friends, but this is no excuse. What if we knew it was our last day? What events or calls would we make? Make time for people in your life that are special to you as we are not promised another day. 

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I am reminded often that my kids will NEVER be this age again, so it is important to spend quality time with them.  I am sure they will not always beg me to come eat lunch with them so I try to cherish that moment.

Don’t be the person that regrets spending too much time at work because there may come a time when you will no longer have this time with your loved ones.  This can be hard until something happens in your life to which you realize some of the things we get so upset about — really in the grand scheme of life — don’t mean much!  

I never leave the presence of my kids or family that I don’t tell them I love them. It is important for them to know this.  If something were to tragically happen, I know that I have left them with the “I LOVE YOU”. Oftentimes we look back on moments and regret that we didn’t say something or give them a hug so I challenge each of you to live life with NO REGRETS!  Have fun with your family and friends. As the song says ‘Live like you are dying’!