I’ve spent nearly twenty years of my life around competitive sports. That’s just under 75% of my life spent in a pool, on a court, or (my favorite) on a diamond – playing and coaching. You can say sports are engrained into my very being.

People used to tell me “You won’t be a D1 pitcher” “You aren’t good at softball” “You can’t hit a pitch four feet out of the batter’s box”. Well, I did all three of those things because I was motivated (and had a really long bat/arms).

A big part of sports comes from the everyday motivation – to push that next rep in the weight room or during conditioning, to work at 110% even when it’s hot or cold, the reason WHY we play the sport we play.

I’ve been exposed to many motivational quotes and phrases in that time. “We before Me” and “The strength of the wolf is in the pack” are all great teamwork mantras. “Burn the Ships” is an excellent no-quit attitude (disclaimer – I am in this documentary). In college, we had five value statements unique to the softball team we would repeat before every practice or game (that I can still quote five years post graduation). Then there’s Notre Dame’s famous “Play Like a Champion Today” sign (we had a replica) that we would touch before each game.

Even though I have transitioned away from sports, sometimes I need a little motivation for the workweek. Why not go back to a system that works?

Monday’s shouldn’t get us down. We should tackle it head on – BE A SHARK!

Not that I’m encouraging you to go around biting or chasing anything, attack your workweek like a shark. They have to keep swimming, even when things get tough, or they won’t survive. Do something amazing/extraordinary/shark-like today – and tell me about it in the comments!