As I dropped my youngest child off at school on his second day of kindergarten in the drop-off line he began to freak out… “Where do I go?  What if I can’t find my classroom? Am I supposed to go to my classroom?”  He realized in a few moments he was going to have to step out of the safety of our car and the security of having his mom to help him in order to enter a whole new world alone and unsure of what to expect or do.  The first thing I thought was “Wow, I know exactly how you feel little guy” and I felt for him from the deepest depths of my soul, my stomach was in knots for him.  However, instead of saying that to him, I said “Get out of the car, you’ll figure it out; and have a great day!” because I am a good mom like that 😜 and I believe from a young age we need to learn to conquer our fears, and not be afraid of trying new things.

When I drove off I couldn’t help but to think how many times in life we experience that same situation under different circumstances and that exact feeling of fear and uncertainty.  All the quotes we read from “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” to “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try” there are hundreds of them and with good reason. Our life is full of these moments from starting a new school or job to moving to a new city.  There are so many times I have experienced that feeling, but what is one thing that they all have in common?  I did it, I made it, and I grew because of it!

I think one thing that separates successful people and businesses from those that fail is just this. We cannot be afraid of change, to venture out and try new things and new experiences.  Success never comes from being stagnant and staying where you are.  Success comes from having the courage step out of the car, step out of our comfort zones