The existence of the dinosaur is proven by skeletal remains found in fossilized rocks.  They are obviously huge and how intimidating they would have been if you came face to face with one.  As mighty as they were, it’s obvious that they did not adapt well to change.  Had they adapted, who knows, I could’ve had a Microraptor lounging on the back of my couch instead of our trusty mouse catcher “Max” the cat.

Change is one of the few consistencies we encounter in life and how we deal with it speaks volume to our character.  The next time you encounter change, remember these few thoughts.

Maintain a positive attitude!  Have a positive mindset and remove the negativities.  How can you best leverage your skills, experiences and network to maximize your new role?  If you have a negative attitude, managers and co-workers will notice and they won’t want to work with you.  

Step into the unknown and welcome change!  Keep all of your thoughts into one encouraging theme. So you can easily focus on it, keep it simple. For example, “I’m not going back, only forward” or “Clear the path.” Repeat that as often as you need and breathe deeply.  

Lastly, accept the change for what it is even if you don’t want to.  The importance piece when dealing with strife is acknowledging that your reaction and acceptance to the change is equally as important to your growth as success is. Acknowledging the hardship will help begin the transition. The quicker you accept what is happening, the sooner you realize your trial is not going to last forever and you can, and will, move forward.