In keeping with our customer oriented book that the AvKARE Book Club has been reading “The Fred Factor”, I thought I would mention a thought I have had towards “becoming more Fred-Like”.

A boss and mentor that I trained under a few years ago pressed home to me that people love to hear their own name.  If we call them by name they immediately feel that we have not forgotten them!  They feel like they made an impression upon us important enough that we remember who they are!

He told me to make sure I repeated a person’s name 5 times when I first met them and I would remember it the next time I saw them.  I found that this works!  Fewer things make a customer feel more valued and appreciated than hearing you say their name without prompting from anyone. Since most of my interaction with customers is via telephone and email, I always make sure I get the correct spelling and pronunciation of their name. I hate to “Butcher” the pronunciation of either or last name!  I have found its a great icebreaker the first time I speak with someone when I ask if I pronounced their name correctly?  They really appreciate it. It makes for a good laugh too, if they have an unusual name and are accustomed to hearing it all wrong!! They are actually pleasantly surprised when I get it right!

I know this may sound like such a basic and simple idea, but I feel it’s an important point. I find myself remembering all those “Fred Like” qualities that this smart mentor taught me about customer service!

Valuable lessons to be sure!