Chemicals, Pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms, Toxic, Hazardous, Corrosive… Does that sound like something you would want to spray on the countertops of where you or your children eat? Personally, I would pass. However, many of our everyday household cleaners contain warning labels or ingredients that are associated with those same terms.

I always try my best to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. That includes everything from eating healthy and exercising to being aware of the daily products I use on my body and the surfaces around me.

As I have attempted to switch all my chemical based products, I have found that even products labeled or advertised as “Green” or “Natural” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Health issues like asthma, cancer, skin irritations, and more. Lysol is a chemical disinfectant that claims to kill 99.9% of all germs (bacteria and viruses). However, the EPA classifies it as a pesticide, and pesticide exposure make you and your family sick. That information is rarely made clear to consumers.

Um, excuse me?! No thank you!

Now I know you are probably sitting there thinking, “ Yeah I want to make the change, but Eco Friendly cleaners can be expensive, or they do not smell like a citrus meadow.” Well I am here to explain it does not have to be expensive and the long term benefits will outlast that fresh chemical smell.

Let’s start with cost. Yes, initially some eco friendly disinfectants like AvKARE’s Waltz D may seem more expensive than a competitor like good old fashion bleach, however how much is your health worth? If you are in and out of doctor offices for respiratory problems or skin irritations, are you including those medical bills into your cost? Also, what if you spill bleach, can we talk about what a nightmare that can be? What did it stain? How much will that cost to replace? With Waltz D, you will not have to worry about what you can or cannot use it on, knowing that it will be safe on just about any surface.

Next lets talk smell, if I asked you to describe what bleach smells like you may throw words around like, harsh, strong, and overwhelming. It’s a hard-hitting smell. AvKARE’s Waltz D’s active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid, which is what your body naturally produces to fight infection, it has little to no smell, but is highly effective in killing strong odors like urine without leaving behind a sharp cleaning product scent. Personally, I think the less chemical smell the better.

Lastly making a difference. Using Waltz D is a great first step to making the change from a chemical based product to a healthy eco friendly alternative. Remember, every little thing you do counts towards living a healthier life. Not only will this benefit you and your family’s health, but it will also benefit our planet.

Stop cleaning with pesticides and step into the future of clean with Waltz D.

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