This is part 2 of my hand washing series. You can catch up on part 1 about hand washing in the health and long-term care industry here.

This is not intended as medical advice but as a resource for hand-care solutions. Find the National Alliance on Mental Illness resources here if you need to contact someone for help or information.

Mysophobia, also known as Germophobia, is the fear of germs. Fears are one thing – everyone has some. Phobias, on the other hand (pun intended), are seen as excessive and out of control to those who don’t understand. Individuals with Germophobia go to extremes to avoid germs and other contamination.

You can find more about the symptoms here.

There is a great fear of being put in situations that seem out of control for individuals with Mysophobia; things such as large crowds, entering new environments, interacting in unfamiliar settings where people might be sick, dirty surfaces that the individual cannot clean, and more.

One major symptom of Germophobia is excessive hand washing or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Constant use of soap and hand sanitizer is damaging to the skin of your hands and can lead to dry and cracked hands.

AvKARE hopes to put some of those fears at ease and save you from painful cracked hands. Mysophobia is no joke, which is why the new Waltz Free product, a hand sanitizing lotion, is here to defend. Waltz Free is alcohol free and still offers the same protection as alcohol-based hand sanitizers without drying out your hands. Friends, you can find relief not only for your fears, but for your skin.

Not only can you protect your hands with Waltz Free, you can also protect your environment and cut back on hand washing with a product you can trust. Waltz D is a hard surface disinfectant that is safe for use around the home and your family and pets. AvKARE’s goal is to minimize your worry so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Phobias are terrifying and very real. Remember, this article is meant to inform, not give medical advice. Hand-washing is an important way to keep healthy and prevent the spread of germs. Help your fellow humans by washing your hands often. Add some hand sanitizing lotion from AvKARE with Waltz Free and protect your home with Waltz D.

Remember, simple habits create big results!