“Just follow your passion!”

Have you ever gotten that advice and not known how to respond? How do you know what that passion is? What if you think you are too old to have that passion? What if I follow the wrong passion?

That ends up being a heavy statement… which is why it’s time to start crafting it in a better way:

Find and cultivate your passion.”

The statement now encourages you to try new things. You don’t have to have the answer, and you don’t have to stick with it. Find something you like to do. Learn it, nurture it, develop it, and present it. Keep at it or move on to the next one. You can choose your path.

Research at Stanford supports this new phrase. We can’t presuppose everyone can name their passion off the top of their head. We can’t assume that passion will remain fixed over time. Once you pick a passion, you are free to change at any time. That’s the beauty of the fluidity of ‘cultivating’ your passion.

I get to do this every day. I have a passion for our products at AvKARE. I have a passion for sharing cleaning tips and talking on The Clean Life. I believe in what I do and I work to make that something I can continue to get better at. I cultivate my passion for marketing, blogging, and social media by representing a brand and a company I believe in.

So… how are you cultivating your passion today?